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Much to the excitement of patients with refractory errors, frames are now designed by some of the world’s top designers to be both beautiful and practical. Frames can serve as an accessory, a statement piece, or an extension of your unique personality. At Davich Optical in Los Angeles, every patient is empowered to leave with clear vision and glasses that make them feel amazing.

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How can patients determine what kind of glasses would look best on them?

The most flattering glass shapes depend on the shape of the patient’s face, and the most flattering colors depend on the patient’s skin, eye, and hair color. The experts in Davich Optical’s full optical shop can help patients determine the right frame for their face shape and skin tone.

Can patients with blurry vision just buy glasses from the store?

Some patients only need reading glasses, but even finding the right strength of reading glasses relies on a comprehensive eye exam. Because an annual eye exam is designed to detect serious diseases, like glaucoma, early, skipping annual exams can make it hard for patients to find the right reading glasses and possibly allow diseases to progress unnoticed.

Is there anything patients can do to alleviate reflections?

Yes, antireflective, or AR, lenses make it easier for you to see and easier for others to see your eyes through your glasses.

Is there any way to tell if a child needs to see the eye doctor?

Even children with healthy eyes should see the eye doctor at least every other year for a comprehensive eye exam. Parents may also reach out if they suspect vision problems, which can be indicated by the following signs:

  • Consistently reading with the book too close to their face or sitting too close to the TV while watching
  • Using a finger to follow the lines while reading
  • Squinting while reading, using the computer, or watching TV
  • Complaining of or showing signs of light sensitivity
  • Tilting the head to improve eyesight
  • Rubbing the eyes frequently
  • Complaining of frequent headaches or eyestrain

Are new lenses required every time the prescription changes?

No. Patients can simply request to have new lenses made for their current frames.

Can patients buy frames online?

There are hundreds of online frame retailers, but Davich Optical finds that patients need to try frames on to be fully satisfied with their purchase. The staff encourages patients to stop by, even if they received their exam somewhere else, to try on frames and find the best pair for their personality and appearance.

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