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Eyeglasses do more than protect your vision: They’re also a fashion accessory! Davich Optical in Los Angeles maintains hundreds of frames to choose from in every price range, including frames and lenses for as little as $50. They believe that providing ample choice and a broad price range so that all patients can leave with glasses that give them both clearer vision and self-confidence.

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When are glasses needed?

Eyeglasses are used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia, conditions causing blurry vision or eyestrain. More generally speaking, vision problems that can be corrected with eyeglasses are those resulting from the way the cornea diverges light rays onto the retina.

When corneal shape is even slightly off, light isn’t cast evenly on the retina, causing blurry vision and difficulty focusing. Eyeglasses work by changing the way light enters the eye, allowing the eye to focus light in the precise, correct spot on the retina.

How does a patient get eyeglasses if they need them?

Before a patient can pick up a set up eyeglasses, they need a comprehensive eye exam to determine the kind and degree of their visual difficulties. The eye doctor uses the results of the exam to prescribe lenses customized for the patient’s unique vision, and then the patient selects the frames they like. Custom lenses are made for the frames according to the prescription and inserted into the frames of choice, and within a short time, the patient has their new glasses.

Davich Optical provides all of these products and services: the exam, diagnostic testing, lens prescription, and eyeglasses.

Does Davich Optical accept vision insurance for glasses?

No, Davich Optical doesn’t accept insurance. However, many patients pay out of pocket and then submit a claim to their insurer for reimbursement. Patients can contact their insurance company to ensure they understand their coverage and claim-submission process in advance.

Do bifocals have to have the visible line?

No, innovative, new no-line progressive lenses are available, which provide the same correction without the appearance of bifocals.

How can patients who need glasses wear sunglasses?

Patients have three options for protection from the sun:

  • Contact lenses combined with nonprescription sunglasses
  • Clip-on nonprescription sunglasses that secure to the patient’s glasses
  • Prescription sunglasses offered at Davich Optical
  • No solution is best for everyone; each patient has their own preference. The mission of Davich Optical is to help each one find out what they want and need and leave satisfied.

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