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Those who love looking at the world without the barrier of glasses aren’t alone; as a matter of fact, there are an impressive 30 million contact lens users in the United States alone. The providers at Davich Optical in Los Angeles are focused on ensuring that patients leave with clear vision thanks to nearly invisible contact lenses or stylish frames.

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Who is eligible to wear contact lenses?

Almost anyone can wear contact lenses. Davich Optical provides contact lenses for older children, teens, and adults, as well as toric lenses to correct astigmatism, multifocal lenses for presbyopia correction, and colored contact lenses to serve the greater patient population.

Those suffering from dry eye, allergies, a recent eye injury, or eye infection shouldn’t wear contact lenses until their eyes are healthy. The team at Davich Optical helps patients select the right contact lenses and determine when it’s safe to wear them.

Are contact lenses safe?

Contact lenses are considered both safe and highly effective, but they’re safest when users follow guidelines for the insertion, removal, and care of their contact lenses both consistently and compliantly. In a very small patient population-- four out of 10,000 people -- lack of oxygen to the eye caused by long-term contact lens wear can produce a corneal ulcer. An innovative lens called the GP lens allows more oxygen to reach the surface of the eye, reducing the occurrence of corneal ulcer to just 1.2 patients out of every 10,000.

What are the benefits of contact lenses?

Contact lenses aren’t better or worse than glasses; each patient has their own preference for vision correction and many contact lens wearers also wear glasses on occasion. Those who prefer contact lenses

commonly cite the following benefits:

  • They don’t alter outward appearance of the face or obstruct true eye-to-eye contact
  • They don’t fog up, smudge, or block vision due to rain or snow
  • They can be worn while swimming and playing sports

Each patient’s decision to wear glasses, contact lenses, or both is personal and supported at Davich Optical.

How often should contact lenses be replaced?

All lenses are different; some should be disposed of daily while others last as long as two years before replacement is recommended. Patients should read the instruction insert included with their contact lens order and comply with the recommendations for optimal safety. Those who have questions about the life of their contact lenses can learn more from the experienced professionals at Davich Optical.

Can contact lenses get lost?

On rare occasions -- for example, if you wear contact lenses that aren’t recommended for overnight use -- the lenses can migrate under your upper lids, and an optometrist will need to remove them. Fortunately, because there’s a membrane around your eye, the lens can never migrate beyond that point.

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