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Open 7 days a week – no appointment necessary! Located (just) South of Hollywood and West Downtown L.A. in Koreatown

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Open 7 Days A Week

Your 7 Days A Week, Walk-In Optometrist In Los Angeles, California

It is important that you see your eye doctor every year for an eye exam. Even if you have no issues with your vision, it is still essential that you are seen. Vision loss can occur very gradually. In most cases, it can happen so slowly that you may not even realize that you don’t have 20/20 vision. Also, many diseases of the eye show no symptoms at first. The key to avoiding vision loss due to these diseases is to catch them early to slow the progression of the disease.

Many people today lead very busy lives; therefore, it can be challenging to find time for an eye exam. If you cannot find the time for an exam, you should contact Davich Optical. Our Los Angeles optometrist makes getting an eye exam simple and convenient.

Open 7 Days a Week

If your work schedule is hectic and you cannot find the time to see an eye doctor during the week, our Hollywood optometrist can solve your problem. Our offices are open 7 days a week, making it possible to have an eye exam during your weekend off; therefore, there is no excuse to avoid annual eye exams.

No Appointment Necessary

Our office has a walk-in policy. This means that you don’t need an appointment for an eye exam. If you have some unexpected free time in your schedule, you can walk in for an eye exam. If you need immediate care, we can help.

Quick Exams

Anyone who has ever seen a healthcare professional knows that the appointments can take up a lot of your time. Between sitting in the waiting room, waiting in the exam room, and then being seen, it can take hours before your exam is complete. This is not the case with Davich Optical. We strive to get our patients in an out within an hour. When you see us for an eye exam, you won’t need to worry about spending half of your day in our office.

Full-Service Optometrists in Los Angeles

We are a full care optometry office. We provide all of the services that you need all under one roof. Dr. Chen can prescribe glasses, and they can be made right in the office. If you are considering contact lenses, you can have a contact lens exam and lessons for use, right in the office. If your optometrist suspects that you have a disease of the eye, we can do all of the necessary tests right in the office.

If you live a busy life but need an eye exam, Davich Optical can help. We are conveniently located just south of Hollywood and west of downtown LA in the vibrant, eclectic Koreatown. If you are due for your annual eye exam, feel free to give us a call to set up an appointment or just walk right in.